Four Spa Health Benefits for Fitness and Weight Loss

Ask anyone to name the benefits of owning hot tubs or swim spas and you’ll probably hear a list of spa relaxation benefits or stories featuring family hot tub parties. There’s no doubt that spas can be an excellent source of family bonding or relaxation for mom and dad, but there are plenty of people who purchase spas purely for health or weight loss benefits.

In fact, though you may not think your hot tub needs anything outside of hot tub filters and chemicals, there’s a whole world of spa accessories devoted solely to exercise! Stop thinking you can only use your spas for relaxation! Whip off those hot tub covers and get ready to shed some pounds.

Here are four ways you can use your family hot tubs for fitness and exercise.

1. Soothe Those Tired Muscles

Relaxing spas are the perfect way to soothe tired, overworked, or sore muscles after a workout. Soaking in home and garden spas after a strenuous run or workout will help prevent any lingering soreness in the morning. It’s also a great “reward” to help motivate you to exercise: the thought of a relaxing post-exercise soak is enough to help anyone push through a taxing workout.

2. Exercise in Swim Spas

Few physical activities benefit the body like swimming. Full-size swimming pools are a hefty investment, take up too much space, and require too much upkeep for the average family. Swim spas offer all the fitness benefits of a pool without all the square footage.

Want a more in-depth workout? Push past the hot tub chemicals and filters in your retailer’s accessory section and you’ll find a wealth of add-on accessories to ramp up your swim spa workout. Add resistance while you’re swimming, simulate an in-water row machine, or use both at the same time—your workout is only as stimulating as your accessories.

3. Combine Fitness with Family Spa Time or Spa Entertaining

Invite the girls over for a yoga party— and tell them to bring their swimsuits, because a hot tub party is sure to commence afterwards. Invite your running mate or workout buddy over for a mini spa party after a gym trip or evening jog. Family hot tub time can double as workout time, too. Invent active family spa games to get the entire family moving!

4. Soaking in Hot Tubs Can Help You Lose Weight

Here’s a great reason to take off those hot tub covers more often: in addition to other hot tub therapeutic benefits, studies have shown that just 30 minutes a day in the hot tub can help you lose weight. No other exercise, no outside routines—just a 30-minute soak six days a week. A spa’s moving water stimulates your muscles; this slow stimulation causes you to gradually lose weight.

Relaxation, increased intimacy, family bonding, exercise, and weight loss? Spas work wonders in improving both your body and your peace of mind.