Spring Cleaning for Your Spa

by Apr 18, 2024

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As you declutter and deep clean your home, don’t forget to add your hot tub to your spring cleaning list! With warmer weather just around the corner, now is the perfect time to get your hot tub in peak condition for spring use.

In this article, we’ll be outlining the ideal steps for refreshing and renewing your spa experience, helping to make your seasonal hot tub cleaning a breeze.


1. Deep Clean Pumps and Jets

Just like your home, your spa can accumulate dirt and grime throughout high use periods. As you prepare your hot tub for warmer weather, begin by running a cycle of Arctic Spas’ Fresh Start cleaner through your spa to thoroughly cleanse the inner workings of your pumps and jets.

Without draining your spa, remove your filters and Spa Boy® probe. From here, simply pour the appropriate amount of cleaner into your hot tub and run your pumps and jets for a total of two hours. To ensure a maximum clean, cycle through each individual pump for 20 minutes before moving on to the next.


2. Drain Your Spa

Now that your hot tub has been thoroughly cleaned with Fresh Start, it is time to drain your spa’s used water.

Consult your Owners Manual for the best draining practices, ensuring your water has a clear path to run out of your outdoor space.


3. Clean Your Spa’s Shell and Headrests

Once your spa is drained, it’s time to dry off its inner shell and headrests in order to prepare them for cleaning.

For an at home cleaning solution, mix three parts of water to one part of white vinegar, spraying the solution liberally onto your hot tub’s shell. Wipe this solution off with a microfiber cloth or dish rag to remove any accumulated dirt and grime.

Easily remove your Core Series or Adjustable Headrests, spraying them with the same solution and repeating the wiping process.

Instead of utilizing this at home solution, you can also visit your local Arctic Spas® location to choose from an array of shell cleaning products that will leave your hot tub in sparkling, shining condition.


4. Replace Seals, O-Rings, and Gaskets

An integral part of your spa’s smooth functioning relies on your O-Rings and gaskets remaining in top condition. Take a moment to note the state of these seals, replacing dried, cracked, or crumbling rings wherever needed.

It is recommended that this task be performed annually, allowing it to be easily integrated into your spring cleaning routine.


5. Examine Your Spa’s Inner Mechanisms

Thanks to Arctic Spas’ revolutionary Total Access™ cabinetry, you can easily remove your spa’s doors to take note of its internal elements.

Although Arctic Spas’ cabinetry and Forever Floor™ are impermeable to pests, moisture, and weather, now is the perfect time to ensure your hot tub’s internal elements have remained in top condition.


6. Clean and Maintain Cabinet

Whether you have chosen Arctic Spas’ rich toned composite or signature cedar cabinetry, its important to perform regular maintenance that will keep your hot tub looking new and revitalized.

Begin by rinsing off dirt and debris from your spa, allowing it to dry completely afterwards.

For cedar cabinetry, perform sanding and staining as directed by your local Arctic Spas® team members.

For composite cabinetry, simply apply Arctic Spas’ Cover and Cabinet Renew according to directions, refreshing your spa’s external surface.


7. Examine and Clean Cover

Begin by removing your spa’s cover, rinsing with water and allowing it to dry fully.

Apply Arctic Spas’ Cover and Cabinet Renew to your cover to hydrate and condition its surface. Additionally, examine your cover’s Cover Saver Straps, ensuring there is no cracking or drying, replacing when necessary.


8. Refill Spa and Balance

Now that your spa has been thoroughly attended to, both internally and externally, it’s time to refill and rebalance your hot tub for use!

Fill your spa to the appropriate water level and balance to ideal conditions using guidelines for salt water or chlorine/bromine hot tubs, as outlined by the Arctic Pure® chemical line.

Spring cleaning also provides the perfect opportunity to top up chlorine and Onzen dispensers, or to replace Spa Boy® cells (when notified through the Arctic Spas® app).

For more information on balancing your spa, be sure to read through our updated water care article, here!

And, just like that, your spa is refreshed and ready for warmer weather use. Use spring cleaning to dust off the dirt and grime of winter, allowing you to explore all the luxury that warm days and starry nights can offer you in your newly cleaned spa.

Asia Cameron

Asia Cameron

I have been an Arctic Spas® employee for just under ten years, moving my way from the Parts Department, to Administration, to Sales, and then onto the Dealer Development Representative Team. Outside of helping families find their perfect spa, I love traveling, hiking, catching up on the latest movie releases, and getting lost in a great mystery novel. If I’m not doing one of those hobbies, I’m probably spending time with my dogs, or checking in on the rescue puppy I sponsor in Mexico!